Privacy Policy

This overall privacy statement shows the privacy practices for the entire ACALearn website.

ACALearn respects the privacy right. As part of the registration process, we get the opportunity to send you any mailing from ACALearn or other parties, which can provide information available on ACALearn.

The statistics collected from the English site are used overall for giving demographic information about the viewers of the overall ACALearn so that the service to improve. The personal information provided to you – name, email address, etc. – allows us to notified you about service updates and to inform about and its harmony products and services.

When you send any of our cards, to provide your information with the recipient’s name and your message, and to provide the email notification to the recipient, to customize your security. is used. We celebrate our card as a personal care between senders and recipients and will not display content of any card instead of the recipient, unless we need to do so by law or we Good believe that such action is necessary.

Under normal circumstances, we will not monitor or modify the content of your sending cards. On this occasion, however, personnel may need to see your message regarding technical processing of your message or the maintenance of our network. In addition, if you send us a question from a customer service representative or to confirm that you send a card, it will be able to access all the information about the representative card, including Receiving Email Address and Message. use the appropriate personal remedies to protect personal information and to protect third party information only to protect personal information that we are responsible for. However, We are not responsible for their privacy policies or how they treat information about their users.

Google uses cookies to serve ads on your site, as a third-party vendor. Use of Google’s Dart Cookie enables it to serve advertisements based on your users and other sites on the Internet. Users may have the option to get out of the use of dart cookie through going to the Google Advertising and Content Network privacy policy. (Update on 2 Jan 2019)

If you have questions, we can reach via email.

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